Monthly Archives: April 2020

How to Design a Solution for this Wicked Isolation Problem. 0 (0)

Week Seven of our Big Pause: limited human contact, limited outdoor time, ever-changing protocol and depressing news. Oh my. My emotions are switching uncontrollably from hot to cold like the water in my first, shabby-chic NYC cold-water flat. I started the Pause feeling totally in charge of my emotions trying to turn on the happy […]

Form Follows Function 0 (0)

Good design is quiet and reliable like a refrigerator, it goes unnoticed until it breaks down — then slowly everything starts to stink. Most people are more interested matching the Refrigerator to the kitchen’s style. It’s no wonder that people confuse style with design. The difference seems very obvious. Design is a creative process that’s […]

Could “Less” become “more” again? 0 (0)

The famous, sometimes cliché, phrase “Less is More” was coined at the end of World War Two by the legendary Architect Mies van der Rohe. I tend to have a romanticized, hollywoodized vision of the time immediately following World War Two. A happy script of soldiers returning home by the millions, going off to college […]

Want to earn $4.2 Billion in less than 10 years from a $25 investment? 5 (1)

Let’s find out how a Design Mindset helped make this happen. Joe Gebbia, Designer and Co-Founder of AirBnb is the person that actually accomplished this feat. Joe proudly embodies the principles of a Designer and sites his creative education at Rhode Island School of Design as the foundation of his success. “Design has always been […]